Weakauras setup

May 08, 2021

5 must have Weakauras

Dungeon RIO and Classes

Adds colored RIO score along with class color bars and roles in the LFG tool.

This WA adds additional color-coded information to the LFG tool. Colored RIO score along with class bars and roles.

Consumables SL

Missing consumables, can click to use.

Simple WA that displays missing food, flask, weapon oil/stones. Can be clicked to apply.

Don’t Release V2

Release button blocked unless ctrl held down.

Blocks releases when it detects that you can be rezzed/there are ressers in appropriate raid settings. An override key can be pressed for X duration (configured in settings) to release.

Spiteful Fixate Nameplate Indicator

Warns you when a mob is targeting you.

Makes a sound and highlights spitefuls that are targeting you.

Class set from Luxthos

Pretty clean and basic set for most classes

A good starting point if you don’t intricately know your class - displays everything you for procs/rotation, and more.

Written by Ayakochan